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Cupping has been in use for centuries, originally used with hollowed out animal horns to drain toxins from snake bites. Through the years, it has evolved into many different forms, but for all the same purpose. To bring toxins to the surface and increase blood flow. Cupping is achieved by using a glass or plastic suction cup and a hand held pump. The cup is placed on the area needing treatment and with the pump, air is expelled creating a vacuum like seal, suctioning the skin and muscle up. The cup is released and the therapist massages over the area, loosening muscles and releasing toxins.

Benefits of Cupping

Lymphatic drainage, loosen adhesions, move any stagnation, reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, release toxins.


There is a chance cupping may leave marks or dark circles on the skin. These are not bruises and are completely normal. Please express any concerns you may have to your therapist!

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