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Kinesiotaping, or Therapeutic Taping, is a skin-like sports tape that is used over and around muscles and joints to help with support, reduce inflammation, help regain strength, increase circulation, and gives stability during areas of high importance.

This can be used for all different types of movement challenges!

How It Works

Kinesiotape is applied on a clean area where no product has been applied. The tape is cut in different styles depending on the patient and muscle needs and expectations. Tape is heat activated and adheres to skin after vigorous friction. Tape can last 3-5 days and stays even in water.

More Information

Kinesiotaping has many benefits and is comfortable and easy to wear. Since the tape is heat activated, we STRONGLY advise the avoidance of using a hair dryer or some similar form of heat if wanting to dry the tape after showering or swimming as it will fuse to the skin. Kinesiotape is perfectly safe but should not be used with anyone who is allergic to adhesives.

Kinesiotape is an additional service to your massage and is a $10 charge for materials.

We are a proud distributor of Rock Tape brand!
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